1:00 PM13:00

Culture Day!

10 countries with the world's largest refugee population will be showcased here through a look at the countries culture and their food. Stop by to taste a different cuisine and learn more about refugees globally! 

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5:00 PM17:00

A Forgotten Culture: An Ode to Oud

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RAHA Houston would like to present it's first ever event, A Forgotten Culture: An Ode to Oud, a beautiful showcase of the Syrian culture and it's use of the Oud instrument. Come out the honors college commons on November the 9th, 2017 to partake in remembering a culture once forgotten, as an American living Syrian refugee by the name of Mohammad Horro shares with us his talent with the Oud. Along with the instrumental showcase, RAHA Houston will get a chance to invite you to become a part of this budding organization and share what we have planned when it comes to our future work and goals. Food and drinks will be provided and will be catered from refugees around the Houston area!

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